Muscle Car, Hot Rod and Classic Car Repairs, Upgrades & Updates


Complete updates and upgrades for your muscle car, classic car, or hot rod. From engines to brakes to suspension to driveline, let Atomic Performance bring your ride into the 21st century! 

Electronic Fuel injection install

Tired of hard starts, long warm up periods and the smell of unburned fuel? Fuel injection can help improve the fuel efficiency and performance of older carbureted engines.

Improve the stopping power of your classic or hot rod with the installation of a disk brake kit. If your drum brakes or standard disk brakes are not doing the job, a disk brake upgrade is the ticket to fast, safe stops.

Carburetor, ignition tuning

Is your classic car or muscle car not running the way it should? It may be your carburetor or ignition system. Modern gas can wreak havoc on older fuel systems. Many technicians don’t have the proper knowledge to diagnose and repair your hot rod’s ignition system. At Atomic we have the expertise to handle your carburetor or ignition related issues and get you back to cruising smoothly and reliably.

Rear axle gear changes

Ready to step up the performance of your hot rod or muscle car? A change of rear end gear ratio is one way to get the performance that you demand from your ride. Tired of spinning that one tire? Upgrade to a Posi Traction unit.

Radiator Electric fan water pump installs

An undersized radiator can cause overheating and engine damage. Upgrading to a performance radiator will keep you cool so that you can enjoy your car even on the hottest days.

Complete re-wires

Tired of blowing fuses and lights not working in your muscle car? Does your battery in your hot rod go dead often? Let our experts re-wire your car's electrical system and do away with all the headaches that come with old wiring issues.

Coil over suspension installations

Coil Over Suspensions offer ride height adjustment and a great increase in the tunability of your classic cars ride and handling capabilities.

Light wiring led conversion

Exhaust header installation

Need a performance boost in your muscle car or hot rod? Want your car to sound great at the next cruise in? A set of aftermarket exhaust headers are the ticket to better performance and a great exhaust sound.

Engine Valve Adjustments

Many older vehicles are equipped with adjustable rocker arms. When they get out of adjustment the performance of your engine suffers. Let us adjust your valves on your classis car or hot road and get your engine running smooth again.

Drum Brake Rebuilds

Does your classic car or muscle machine have stock drum brakes? Most modern service technicians don’t have the proper experience to keep your drum brakes working as they should. Bring your car to our experts and let them clean, adjust or rebuild your drum brakes.